Metha Studio is a Danish brand that makes handmade accessories in natural materials, using various creative methods. Since everything is made by hand, a lot of time and love is put into each item.

Metha Studio uses the first-come, first-served concept, as all items have a limited
stock, as we try to minimize all waste.



    Focused on the soft silhuettes, minimalistic and pure shaped design - and are created to last for years to come.


    The base in Scandinavia, has strongly influenced my design, which is often described as 'simple', 'minimalistic' and 'timelss'. Metha Studio always striving to create the best possible version of each item, to ensure you will use and love every item for years to come


    Metha Studios items are mainly handcrafted in natural materials, as we are doing our very best to produce delightful, natural, and long-lasting items. The bags are all lined with specially selected vintage textiles, which makes each clutch completely unique.