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Scarf - Steel grey

Scarf - Steel grey

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The perfect light and luxurious accessory to elevate any look. This Scarf is your new favorite accessory, made from 60% extra fine merino wool and 40% camel hair. These fabrics ensure that the scarf does not scratch. This small but effectful accessory is crocheted in a simple and delightful pattern that adds elegance to the soft warm wool.


The scarfs dimensions is 102 x 24 cm 

The dimensions may vary as every piece is made by hand

Care Instructions

Wool is a self-cleaning fiber that requires less washing than other materials. We recommend simply airing your scarf.

If you do need to wash, we recommend carefully hand wash or at a wool/silk program at the max of 30 degrees, using wool soap and in a washing bag. Let it soak in water, and then rinse in clean water. Avoid twisting, pressing, but let instead the clutch dry flat on a towel.

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